Water for Bahamas - Hurricane Dorian
Water for Bahamas - Hurricane Dorian Devastation

Few places on the planet have experienced the devastation heaped on the Bahamas by Hurricane Dorian, which tied the record for the strongest Atlantic storm ever to hit land.

There is a critical need for clean drinking water, affecting some 62,000, according to the Red Cross.

WaterStep intends to deploy its entire arsenal of safe water technology, including the M-100, which uses ordinary table salt and a 12-volt car battery to chlorinate water which would otherwise be undrinkable.  We have other technology that makes medical-grade bleach. And, when combined with our just-released Water On Wheels (WOW) Cart, can provide up to 10,000 gallons of safe water a day.

Please help us provide relief for disasters of all sizes, including Hurricane Dorian.

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